Lovely conditions today on Frozen Thunder(with video)

The very cold nights coupled with some fresh natural snow has transformed Frozen Thunder into the best shape I’ve experienced so far, and it was very enjoyable today. I did a few laps on  my waxless skis with excellent grip and fast glide. Also tried out my waxable skis with some sticky hard wax and had marginal grip but still not bad.

Peter(in the photo) was skating and reported good conditions. If you go back to Nov 2008 when I started this blog, Peter was one of the first skiers I featured on a post. I took a picture of him on Moraine Lake Road and it got us off to a good start.(When I transferred the blog over to the new format, I lost some photos and that must have been one of them as I can’t find it anymore).

Here’s a video from today’s skiing. This gives you a good look at about half the course.

…and here’s a video of the remainder of the Frozen Thunder course Frozen Thunder 2.

Ivan Babikov posted on Twitter that he skied for 3 hours and 51K yesterday on Frozen Thunder.

Waxless vs waxable

Seeing as I used both styles of ski today, I can tell you that each has its place, depending on the conditions. I was reminded, however, that waxable skis are much easier to control on hard surfaces such as we have on Frozen Thunder. When going down fast hills and cornering, I feel a lot more confident and in control with my waxable skis.

The Weather Network’s 14-day trend is forecasting snow for seven of the next 14 days in Lake Louise. 🙂

Photos from today

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