A green wax(cold!) weekend

Update 8:55 pm: Since posting this, we’ve had an email from Tracksetter John at Lake Louise: Yep MLR & GD are great. Heated undies would help. I was working on the Fairview today lots of digging and grading so … it’s passable but some hazards like stumps, rocks,  and holes. If you want someplace to ski that is relatively short and interesting, the sun gets to parts of the  Temple Meadows mid day.”

Okay, I’m not sure where Temple Meadows are. Can anyone advise? After working all day in the cold, it’s mighty thoughtful of John to take the time to update us. Thanks.

Update Sat 10:00 a.m. from Canmore Nordic Centre: We have 4 km of groomed and trackset trail including Frozen Thunder, a portion of the Sprint Course and Cross Country Stadium with a nine lanes lesson grid.


Greetings, skiers, and welcome to a chilly Friday night update. I didn’t ski today, but ran over to the nordic centre and took a couple photos tonight. If you’re determined to ski tomorrow, let’s look at the possibilities.

The first consideration is to dress warm. The high on Saturday in Lake Louise is -18, after going down to -27 tonight, and a wind chill of -34.  In Banff/Canmore it’s a bit warmer at -14, after a low of -23.

I imagine the trails in Lake Louise are in great shape. Moraine Lake road, Great Divide, and Tramline are all trackset. Did you watch my video that I posted yesterday, where I was rocketing down Moraine Lake road? If you’ve still got summer wax on your skis, you’ll have lots of time to enjoy the scenery, because you won’t be coming down the hill very fast.

If you ski on the Great Divide, watch out for the bear: Thanks to Helen Read for this…“Big black bear walked across the new trackset trail close to O’Hara end of Divide on Thursday 17th.”

Canmore Nordic Centre

The word from the Canmore Nordic Centre…”

“For this weekend a small practice grid will be available in the XC Stadium area and skiers will be able to link the Stadium to Frozen Thunder…expecting to share news on further trail openings by next weekend.”

With the daylodge connected to Frozen Thunder, you’ll have about 2.5K of trails. That might be about all you can ski before heading back into the cozy daylodge to warm up.

If anyone ventures into K-Country, let us know what you find. The Pocaterra Hut in PLPP is open, so at least you have a warm place to hang out. The PLPP Visitor Centre is closed until Dec 1. Not sure about the snow at Pocaterra – take your rock skis if you’re going to try it out. There’s lots of snow at Elk Pass, but I have no idea if any of it is groomed.

Barrier Lake Vistor Centre confirmed my suspicion that they had equipment problems while packing Elk Pass, and that’s why the big hill only was done. I would guess the 1K of grooming is already covered in new snow.

I’d also like to know how Nipika’s trails are. It’s supposed to be a bit warmer there(-12) tomorrow. They were packing them yesterday. An exciting post on Nipika’s Facebook page tonight: “This just in! Wolf sighting on Settlers Road just a minute or two from Nipika! We LOVE wildlife spottings!”

In the past few days we’ve had pine marten, bear, and wolves. Is this a cool(not just cold) place to be? When I was down at Elk Pass on Tuesday, I saw, very close-up, a coyote in his winter’s best. Coyotes are common, I know, but I still enjoy seeing them, especially with their beautiful winter coats.

Tell us about your weekend adventures on the “Trip Reports” page(when you’ve thawed out!).

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