Evolution(according to Dennis)

After all the seriousness and intensity of the last few days, I thought we could use a little humour. If you haven’t been reading the contest entries, you’ve been missing some great comments; here’s one of them from Dennis:

“XC skiing is becoming more popular because . . . It’s Darwinian; natural selection; survival of the fittest.  The natural progression of the species, from blob, to ape, to downhill resort skiers*, to neanderthal, to xc skiers.  Surely you’ve noticed (i know you have, Bob) how hot cross country skiers are, as a group.  Their genes are sought after, and so it continues.  Today, Spray River loop, tomorrow the world.”

*Hold your fire!  It’s just a friendly jibe.  Some of my best friends use chairlifts.

Guys, if you want to see a larger image of the ape, click on the thumbnail


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