Fantastic conditions today on Moraine Lake road(with video)

Video: Watch 1.5K of fantastic downhill gliding on Moraine Lake road today.

It looks like skiers will have even better conditions on Sunday.

Sat 7:47 pm: Update from Tracksetter John:

re: Moraine Lake road

“Hi; I Groomed early this morn, worked out good, about 40 skiers on the trail as I finished,  Groomed again just before  dark, with the new machine  and big ginsue. It worked great the track should set up hard tonite.

About 40 skiers per hour counted thru mid day, so probably 100 – 200 happy faces! The great divide is packed but thin & rough. Upper tram is packed and partly tracked, a good ski down from the L.L. parking lot.”

This comment from Peter Neumann sums up the day…

Excellent skiing today.  Cold must have kept most folks away, as there were only about 20 cars in parking lot at 10:45 am.  Brilliant sun, and dead calm.  Fabulous.  Poles hit pavement just for a short stretch near top.  PM, skated the 1A.  Still soft, as it has just been rolled. No classic track yet.  Should set up nicely overnight.  Steffi, George and I had entire road to ourselves the whole time.

The 1A which Peter is referring to is also known as the Great Divide trail. It usually requires more snow to get this trail into good condition. Should be another easy waxing day on Sunday. Temperature dropping to -18 tonight with a high of -6.

Photos from today’s skiing

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By contrast, look at what Devon Kershaw posted of the snow in Ostersund, Sweden, site of the first World Cup xc races:

Ski trail for the World Cup opener in Ostersund, Sweden



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  1. Lovce the picture! Good to see you again Bob – hopefully we’ll see you on the trails throughout the winter.

  2. Bob,
    Thanks for great site and descriptions of conditions for skiing. I had a great day up there today in amazing snow and tracks.

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