Frozen Thunder up to 2.3K

Skated around Frozen Thunder today. It’s now been expanded to 2.3K. There are no tracks due to an event today and tomorrow morning. Conditions are hard, fast, and icy.

With the cool temperatures in Canmore, the snow guns are going full blast. They should continue to operate non-stop for the coming week, as the temperatures are forecast to be even colder. Hopefully we’ll have some natural snow mixed in as well.

A Swedish film crew was in Canmore a couple weeks ago and did an interview with Devon Kershaw. You’ll see a lot of good footage of him skiing on Frozen Thunder. Thanks to Roy Moe for sending the link to me. Now I wish I had learned Swedish when I was over there to visit my relatives eons ago.  Devon Kershaw interview

Quote from Kershaw with a reference to Frozen Thunder:  “I mean – ski racing is awesome. It must be when I seem to have no problem skiing around a sugary 2km loop for hours and hours with a smile on my face.”

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