Greetings and welcome to the new ski season

Update 6:51 pm: Great News from John at Lake Louise:

“Trackset – one classic track on morraine lake rd today, and about 12′ of packed skate … Flurries maybe? might groom it again before the wkend. Ended up with 2-3 inches of snowpack so, if it doesn’t melt should be ok for skis, but hitting pavement with poles.”

Hello to all our regulars from last year, and a warm welcome to all new readers

This is the time of year we’ve all been waiting for. I feel like a kid on the day before Christmas. I hope everyone had a good summer with lots of hiking, biking, paddling and enjoyment of our beautiful mountains.

In the past three days this blog has been  going crazy with new and returning visitors. I can see from the statistics that cross-country skiers are searching for me and for websites which will tell them about the best skiing conditions. Take a look at the top five searches on Google that found their way to this blog:

ski here 33
frozen thunder canmore 14 8
skihere 8
skierbob 7

Our October readership was 137% higher than last year.

For the regulars who are just now checking in, no doubt you’ve noticed a significant change in this blog compared to last year. I hope you’ll “like me” on Facebook, and take a look at the fabulous contests we have going. By the way, I click on every new icon which I see on Facebook to see who likes me. Thanks!

One change which I had to make due to time constraints is the Trip Reports which you’ll see on the main menu. It became too time-consuming to post all the photos and emails I had coming in, so I hope you’ll try it out. This way, readers will automatically know where to look for the latest updates from skiers who’ve posted here.

When time permits, I will still feature your emails and pictures on the home page.

Moraine Lake road is our usual early-season reliable trail and it looks like it will be that way again this winter. Which other trails will be ready next is always a mystery: Will it be Elk Pass? Will we get an early upslope storm, giving us good snow at Ribbon Creek and Bragg Creek? Last year, we were skiing on Cascade Fire road and Spray River in the middle of November.

If you have any questions about skiing, there’s a wealth of knowledge among the readers. Maybe you’re a new skier looking for advice? Comments are always welcome.

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