Nipika update

Nipika Mountain Resort is getting some early snow this year. I was happy to hear that grooming is starting…

“We started to pack the trails today… Get your skis and wax out so you can be the first one to ski them (besides Lyle) as soon as we give them the thumbs up.”

If you’re not familiar with Nipika, it’s is on the edge of Kootenay National Park and about 2.5 hours from Calgary.  It’s a great place to take the whole family(including Rover) for a weekend, as you can stay in a fully furnished cabin with kitchen, while you ski from your door.

The photo was taken last year on one of Nipika’s dog-friendly trails.

New Video

From Wednesday at Moraine Lake road. If you want to experience the thrilling downhill section captured on this video, you’ll need to ski 4.6K from the trailhead, and climb about 170 metres. You’ll see I was too chicken to stay in the tracks for one of the fast corners and had to move into the skating lane.

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We’ve made it onto the Clustrmaps Top 1000 for the first time. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a small map at the top of the sidebar which shows the location of readers. You can click on the map for a larger view.

 We’re attracting a lot of skiing enthusiasts this month. Thanks for checking us out…

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