Shout-out to Chuck

At 5:15 pm on Friday, we had our first trip report posted on the “Trip Reports” page. Thanks to Chuck for getting things started. This is already proving to be a popular page for skiers looking for information from other skiers. Chuck, I hope you’ll be happy to know that we’ve had over 200 views of that page since you posted your report about 20 hours ago.

As well as posting a report, Chuck also provided four great photos for you to view at the click of your mouse. Best of all, it was visible immediately, and nobody had to wait for me to do anything.

If you haven’t discovered the Trip Reports page yet, it’s on the main menu at the top of this page.

According to the Banff Trail Report, Moraine Lake road was trackset this morning, and the Great Divide(1A) will be trackset imminently…

CONDITIONS: 10 cm fresh snow on November 11 into November 12. RECENT GROOMING: November 12: Moraine Lake Road groomed and trackset, November 5: Upper Tramline trackset, November 4: Lower Tramline and Bow River Trails packed. PLANNED GROOMING: November 12: Great Divide / 1A.

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