A very “Engaging” ski trip

This was a unique trip report:

From Duane: “Started out of the parking lot up Red Earth Ck on Fri, Dec 30. As experienced by others, waxing was problematic. We started with 2 kicker coats of SkiGo HF (-1 to -20C) which usually works all winter everywhere. The air temp was -4C, but the kickers iced up allowing no slide. We scraped the wax right off, which worked reasonably well. At Shadow Lk turnoff, we were looking at 30-40 cm of fresh powder (one very faint track). Since I was on a mission, I put the “kicker skins” on our skis, and started up the steep trail. Very pretty, but tough going. About 0.5 km from the Shadow Lk cabins, we veered off piste a bit, but managed to home in on the cabins at 3:30 PM. Carol was wondering about me at that point (maybe a lot sooner!). I pulled out tea, and asked her to put her down coat on to stay warm.”

From Carol:While sipping B&B fortified tea, Duane reached into his pack and pulled out a diamond ring! Talk about taking my breath away. With a resounding, breathless Wow, I slid the ring on. Return ski was a blurred alpine glow. The skis glided fairly easily now, and using a headlamp reached the car by 6:00pm . Wow. He broke trail to win my hand and heart. What a GREAT ski day!”

Hope link to a couple of pics works below. Happy New Years!


Duane & Carol


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  1. Congratulaions & welcome to the family Carol! I’m very happy for you both.
    …it’s interesting to read the different perspectives on getting engaged!…
    Liz & Robin

  2. Congratulations as continue on your life adventure TOGETHER. Duane, you softie…you are a romantic at heart. Who knew? Obviously Carol does! You are so perfect together…I wish you both so much happiness.

  3. Congrats, Duane!

  4. Congrats to both of you from Janice and Charlie.

  5. Good one Dude.

  6. That is soooooo romantic. Congratulations you two!

  7. Great news you guys! Congratulations from all the Stacks

  8. Sharon Richardson

    Duane and Carol! What a great story , one that you will remember and retell many a time. All the hard work upfront is both real and a metaphore for life and I think that you both have done a lot of hard work in life and on your relationship and the payoff is great! You two are an amazing couple and David and I wish you the best. Congrats! when can we celabrate?


  9. WOW.. how so romantic… congratulations to you both :O)

  10. CONGRATULATIONS! How totally thrilling! As I am reading through the waxing details, my mind is wandering (sorry Duane), THEN got to the good stuff! Congratulations to both of you! Great planning Duane, good answer Carol! Love and best wishes.

  11. Fantastic!! Congratulations!!!

    (aside: my father always used to tell me, before I married a man I should take him up a mountain to see what he was made of — Duane must be made of the right stuff!!)

  12. That is so sweet! What a great story!

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