PLPP update; Photos from Boxing day

Cheryl skied the Tyrwhitt loop today(exactly the same trails which I skied yesterday) and reports the conditions are still excellent. The air temp in PLPP was -1, so the snow’s staying cold. She had an easy time getting grip with whatever was on her skis from the previous ski trip. Maybe VR45 or VR50. It was snowing very lightly.

PLPP Tracksetting update 

A number of north end trails were groomed and trackset last night including Lynx, Amos, Come-Along, Rolly Road and Stroil. That’s the first tracksetting of the season on those trails. Pocaterra was groomed for the first 2K(to the Stroil junction), and is trackset the remainder of the way.

I’m back at headquarters in Canmore where I have access to all my camera paraphernalia. I can now download yesterday’s photos from our ski trip which was also on excellent conditions at PLPP. My only adventure today was hiking with Tessa for an hour on the Highline Trail.

By the way, if you are hiking on the Highline at Canmore, you better wear Yaktrax or something similar, as it was very icy.

Check the Trip Reports for some good photos from Chuck’s trip at Cascade Valley today. I see we’re up to 99 comments on the December Trip Reports page. Who will be #100? You have to scroll down a long way to leave your comments, but that makes me happy.

We’ve had 4287 views of the Dec Trip Reports page. I don’t know if anyone remembers the old blog anymore, but I think this method of sharing information is working out better. Everyone knows where to look for the most recent information, and it has saved me an enormous amount of time. Better yet, you get the reports immediately.

Boxing day photos from PLPP:

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  1. Hello,
    Saw your blog. Being from out of the area, we do not know what PLPP is, or the location??? We are now in Revelstoke. We are training for a few marathons in classic and skate this coming winter. Where would we find the most dependable grooming, and lots of “k’s” east of Rogers pass? We are doing a small race at Revelstoke Nordic tomorrow, then if Rogers pass is open will be going east. Eventually back home to NH! Thank you kindly in advance for any assistance in finding lots of good snow to xc ski in 🙂
    Sally and Odd (and Nordi the dog too)

    Hi Sally;

    Welcome! You have a few choices for good snow as you head east. I don’t know what conditions are like at Golden, BC but it’s your first possibility.

    Next comes Yoho, where I believe conditions are still good. Kicking Horse River, Emerald Connector, and the Emerald Lake trails have recently been trackset.

    Lake Louise is probably your best bet. I was there today, and the lower trails were in good shape, so trails like Moraine Lake road and the Great Divide, which are at higher elevations, will be even better.

    PLPP is Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. As you’re heading east on Hwy #1, 30K east of Canmore you’ll come to Hwy #40 going south to Kananaskis Country. Turn right and go 52K along Hwy #40, then turn right at the barricade. In 3K you’ll come to Pocaterra Hut which is where the trails start. There are a number of trailheads along the road; at the Visitor Centre, Elkwood Amphitheatre, Boulton Creek, but the best snow will be at the south end at Elk Pass. -Bob

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