West Bragg Creek update

The GBCTA volunteers were able to roller pack the west Bragg Creek ski trails on Sunday morning.  The base is setting up nicely, but is thin at about 2 inches.  We were only able to pack with one roller, as the Alpine didn’t have enough traction to pull the second roller.  Hostel and Telephone were not packed, due to blowdown. 

Conditions are still marginal, so use caution if skiing.

Please support our volunteer efforts and the capital campaign to replace the aging Alpine with a second new snowmobile.  Donate on-line at www.braggcreekski.org  If you prefer, you can mail in your donation by going to the website and downloading the donor form. Your donation is tax deductable,  will improve the ski experience at west Bragg Creek, and you’ll continue to receive these email updates on grooming activities.

Thanks to those who have donated this fall.

And thanks to Rob for the roller packing on Sunday.


Bruce Barker
GBCTA Ski Committee Chair

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