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The cross-country skiing community seems to be the Rodney Dangerfield of the sporting world – we’re getting no respect. First, it’s logging at West Bragg Creek, and now it looks like hopes for expanded XC facilities at COP are dimming.

Here’s an email which I received regarding the slopes adjacent to COP:

A call to action for nordic skiing enthusiasts

Please contact the mayor and your city alderman and lobby for cross-country ski trail development of the Slopes area adjacent to COP.

This issue will soon be debated before council. Do you want more houses and commercial development on the slopes or snowmaking and ski trails?

It will take you 10 min to provide our city politicians with some guidance.

Follow the links below.  It is straight forward to do.  You just paste in your blurb and hit send.



Read more: whats-happening-with-cross-country-ski-trails-at-cop/



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  1. Although c o p was lovely today! I will be following the links and supporting trail expansion.

  2. This issue is disappointing and very frustrating. A wealthy million-plus Canadian winter city but we have to drive an hour out to get to quality and long-enough XC trails. Soccer fields and baseball diamonds are at every corner where I live (Calgary North) but they’re totally empty 95% of the time during the summer, let alone in the winter. Asking for some balance… is probably too much. Anyway, I’ll send Nenshi an email and try hard to stay polite.

  3. Thanks for posting this Bob. Just wanted to let everyone know that I followed the link yesterday and wrote my alderman, Dale Hodges. His office called this morning to say they received it and will pass it on to him. They are listening, we just all need to speak up. – Alan

  4. I sent my concerns to the Mayor and Ald. Druh Farrell as well.

    I encourage all skiers who value accessibility to Nordic trails in Calgary to do your part and make some noise for nordic expansion east of COP.

    Thanks Bob for letting us use your blog to raise the awareness of this issue.

  5. Done, sent. Although I worry my alderman is more obsessed with the tunnel than anything else.

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