Redearth Creek

Redearth Creek was trackset yesterday and was in excellent condition today. Not sure if it will survive the warm weather that’s coming over the next two days. We were already using pretty sticky wax(Swix VR55 and Toko yellow for -2 and warmer), but the snow temperature was -2. Air temperature was +3, so we were quite happy when we could still ski here on such good snow. Good grip, good glide, all around a wonderful afternoon on a fabulous trail.

Redearth Creek was in terrific shape with cold snow and good tracks

The tracks started as soon as you reached the top of the hill from the parking lot. Snow was good for the first 2K, excellent thereafter. We made sure there were no rocks or hazards on the trail going up, because we were coming back in the dark, however our way was illuminated by a beautiful moon above the trees.

We went all the way to the end of the tracksetting at the Warden’s cabin, about 11K one way. Small canid footprints which may have belonged to a fox or a small coyote were on the trail for about 8K starting from the warden’s cabin.

Thanks for the Trip Reports. Nice to hear the snow in PLPP is holding up well. Hopefully it’s cold enough for them to start grooming tonight. The weather forecasts don’t look very promising. From Helen’s report, it sounds like Lake Louise and Yoho are still cold.

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