Six trails, 34k, fabulous day

There’s still some wonderful snow around.

Chip was determined to get his money’s worth today, so the goal was to ski 30K at Lake Louise.

It was -5 with a snow temperature of -6. I did a wax test with VR45(-2/-8) on one ski, and VR40(-4/-12) on the other. They both are supposed to perform well with a snow temp of -6. Chip used Swix blue rated for -3/-13. We skied the entire day and never had to touch the wax again, as it gave us good grip and didn’t wear off in the soft, non-abrasive marshmallow snow. The VR40 performed better, as I found the VR45 a tad too sticky in a few places.

The Lower Telemark trail was trackset this afternoon

We skied from the Chateau parking lot. First down Tramline, then Moraine Lake Road, returning on Fairview. With 22k under our belts, we crossed the road and headed down Peyto.

Did you know that you can access the Great Divide from the Chateau parking lot now? Take the Peyto trail which is behind Deer Lodge. It will take you directly down to the Great Divide and Telemark trail.

It was nice running into Kate, a SkiHere reader from Edmonton as we were skiing down Peyto.

Check out the photos to see the snow conditions on the trails we were skiing on. The tracksetters were busy working all day.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Good to see that grooming and tracksetting has resumed in PLPP. Check the Kananaskis trail report to see which trails were trackset last night. I hope they’ll do a few more trails tonight. With the temperature dropping to -12, should be excellent conditions tomorrow.

Lots of readers are wondering about Cascade Fire Road. Anyone been there?

Redearth Creek

We stopped at Redearth Creek on the way back and checked the trail. There’s a crust from the rain, with a skiff of new snow overtop. I would guess there’s more new snow the higher you go.

Moonlight Ski on Emerald Lake on Saturday

From the Kicking Horse Ski Club: “We will have a Moon Lite ski at 8.30 pm  that night at Emerald Lake and on the Alluvial Fan. Come join the Club–only $10.00 for the season. Or you can pay $5.00 per event if you wish. If anyone cares to come to Emerald Lake Lodge for a bite before the ski—we’ll be there.”

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  1. Philippe Delesalle

    Great idea!
    Thank you bob, most usefull to have feedback on latest trails conditions.

    I was on moraine yesterday – Great condition !


  2. The double outbound tracks on Moraine Lake Road are a nice innovation if you’re skiing with someone, or overtaking someone. It has made the skiing experience even more enjoyable.

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