It could have ended at 999K

Watch my best video yet

I was expecting to have a video from Sunday’s skiing through the Tyrwhitt meadows, but it didn’t turn out. Instead, I have a much more interesting video of skiing down Hydroline. Interesting because of the other skiers I pass. It just shows, you have to be prepared for anything.

At 2:00, watch the interesting development with the two skiers ahead of me. Nobody did anything wrong, and I didn’t yell track, but it was fortuitous that I moved out of the tracks and into the corduroy. Otherwise, I may have ended my ski season at 999K.

At 2:22, it looks like I might be wearing a power pole, but in reality, there never was any danger. I could see the skier ahead had noticed me, and was giving me the tracks. It looks a lot more dramatic in the video, however.

Remember The Captain and Tenille? Toni Tenille is the vocalist in the song. Click the Full Screen icon in the bottom right-hand corner to see a bigger image.

Hydroline video


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  1. Bob,

    You were flying! What’s your secret – old skis with less camber and full of glide wax? Congratulations on 1000k – that’s a big number.


    They were my brand new Fischers. My wax pocket is very small, so they’re not super-stiff, but seem to be working well. -Bob

  2. Like a lot of development in the parks, the power line is a mixed blessing, isn’t it? The view would be so much nicer without the power poles, but we wouldn’t even have this trail if it wasn’t for the power line, let alone all the conveniences associated with electricity.

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