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The recent snowfall has enabled the tracksetters to get back to work. I’m sure the 7 – 12 cm that fell at West Bragg will make for a lot of happy skiers this weekend. Check the Kananaskis trail report for details on which trails were trackset.

Goat Creek was trackset yesterday(file photo)

A number of trails in Banff National Park were done yesterday including Redearth Creek, Spray River Trail West and East, Goat Creek, Sundance, and Healy Creek.

The trails in the vicinity of Kananaskis Village were trackset yesterday including Terrace, Terrace link, Kovach and Aspen.

The natural snow trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre were all trackset.

It’s about time!

Moose Loop trail at West Bragg Creek. Photo taken Feb 15, 2012 by Steve Riggs

We’ve had two recent trip reports on West Bragg reporting good conditions, most recently from Tom: “West Bragg Creek-Skied my usual loop-Sundog, Elbow,Iron Springs, and Crystal East and West on a beautiful, cloudless Wednesday afternoon.All these trails were groomed and trackset as reported by WBCTA. The side of the track was still soft and had not quite set up yet. However the skiing was still  very good. Temp. varied from -4C to -1C and Swix purple worked very well. It’s surprising how much better the snow and ski experience is in the old growth forested areas versus the open, previously clear cut areas.I think it would be criminal to allow any further clear cut logging near these trails and surrounding area.”

Also received this email from Steve Riggs:

“Excellent ski conditions on Wednesday afternoon at West Bragg. I skied Moose Loop, Loggers and Sundog along with various connecting trails, finding perfect grooming and tracksetting with only a few minor thin spots at the usual exposed locations.”

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