No end in sight

Caroline and I skied 25K on the north end trails of PLPP today. Every trail was in excellent condition, including Pocaterra near the hut. We started at the Visitor Centre, where the snow temp was -15 at noon, and we managed to do a 25K loop without retracing any trails except 300 metres on Lodgepole.

Pocaterra at the Lynx junction

The air temp was -9 at noon, and -4 at 3:30. We skied on Meadow, Wheeler, Packers, Stroil, Come-along, Pocaterra, Lodgepole, Sinclair, and Braille. Tracks were fast in spite of the cold snow. There’s no end in sight of the good weather and trail conditions.

Mount Shark was completely groomed and trackset last night.


I had lots of fun reaching 1000K on Sunday. Have you seen the video?  

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