Norway allows dogs on the trails(in red lycra suits!)

Georgina has been over in Norway checking out the trails and sends this report:

Hi Bob-

I thought I would check in from Norway, where I have been skiing for the past 7 days. One word to sum up the holiday – phenomenal!! A country full of skiers, and good ones at that. I have been following your discussion about being “geezered” or “girled”. Well, over here, I have been geezered, girled, boyed, toddlered, pulked, and dogged! It is quite impressive to see how the whole country enjoys the sport.

There are endless kilometers of trails with excellent grooming quality. Along the way it is common to stop in a little hut for a hot waffle slathered in jam and cream, along side a steaming cup of coffee. No need for Power Bars here. And dogs, well, there are plenty of them on the trails. Most are on leash but I think they must learn to run along side their owners from puppyhood because there are no conflicts or difficult interactions. They seem to be a very accepted part of skiing here. I even saw one in a one piece red lycra suit!

You really need to put a trip to Norway on your bucket list. This is definitely the Motherland of cross country skiing.

Hope you and Cheryl are healing up well and will soon be out on the trails again. Let’s hope for those April snowstorms that we were blessed with last year.

Ski you later,


They sound like an enlightened bunch of people over there in Norway. I know we have a few Norwegians reading this blog, so maybe they can shed more light on the dog issue.

Do you think K-Country would allow me to set up a cappuccino and waffle hut at the top of Whiskey Jack?

Lots of interesting comments on the previous thread re: Cookie race. I’m sure Foothills Ski Club is interested in feedback on the entry fee. I enjoyed reading Jon Arne’s race report. Some great sportsmanship displayed by the two fastest skiers.

Surgery update: I’m feeling better every day, with more range of motion returning. Shovelling snow never felt so wonderful, but still not able to throw it as far into the neighbour’s yard as usual 🙂


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  1. Norway is a nation with a population of British Columbia that takes participaction to an whole different level making it quite unique in the world. Their sporting and outdoor recreation is a part of their culture. Hence the many famous athletes ,explorers and contributers to social advancements.Norwegians embrace the art of living a full life. They do indeed love their dogs and mountain huts. Unfortunately you must be somewhat wealthy to make it an holiday destination. Btw I’m not Norsk.

  2. Years ago I had a chance to rent skis in Stryn and do a crossing of the Jostedal glacier with a group from the local hiking club. They certainly are wonderful, friendly people. They were even polite enough to feign surprise when a young Canadian cranked some rather mediocre tele turns, but I felt like I was bringing coal to Newcastle!

    The fellow leading the trip told us the story of how his father had skied across the glacier to meet the girl he would marry. That was a great perspective.

    I don’t believe there were any dogs on that particular trip.

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