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Hi Bob,

Love the blog, check it every week! I was wondering if you know of any good XC trail books for the Rockies. I have found good hiking, biking and touring skiing books but never a good XC book.

Hope your recovery is going well.


I only know of two books, which I bought fourteen years ago(the first year I skied), but the trails haven’t changed very much. I see that Chic Scott’s book has been updated since I bought it. If anyone knows of any others, leave a comment.

Ski Trails in the Canadian Rockies by Chic Scott

Kananaskis Country Ski Trails by Gillean Daffern

Both books are published by Rocky Mountain Books, but I don’t see Daffern’s book on the RMB website. Does anyone know if both books are still available at the outdoor stores?

As for my recovery, it’s going well, thanks. I was able to stand up and put my pants on today(the things we take for granted!) I’m now looking forward to the day when I can bend over to tie my shoe laces.


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  1. The next edition of “Ski Trails in the Canadian Rockies” by Chic Scott will be published in the fall of 2013. There will be much more information on Cross Country ski trails in the next edition.

    Happy Skiing!

  2. Thanks for the reply Bob and the others who have commented. I will check out the Chic Scott book. But it sounds like there are not a lot of good books out there. Possibly a summer project for you Bob? I promise to buy a copy if you write one.

  3. I flipped through the new Chic Scott book, well done and thorough.

    I too have Rick & Gillian’s books on my shelf. Dusty. unloved..

  4. I forgot theres another excellent old book (also out of print 🙁 ) called “Ski Trails In The Canadian Rockies” by Rick Kunelius. Rick was a banff park warden and rescue expert for many years who wrote two editions of this book. Luckily I was able to find one of each of these now rare books!

  5. Unfortunately Gillean Daffern’s book for k-country has been out of print for many years. I bought my at a used bookstore years ago so that might be your best bet. Sometimes you can find them on also.

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