Elk Pass April 21

I received this email and photo from Kairn K:

“Spring Fashion hits the hills.   The usual spring conditions:  crusty in early morning hours yielding by late morning to glorious wettish abundant snow – easy to push aside while descending but a shoulder workout on the climbs.  Didn’t matter, waxed or waxless.  Its not over yet.  Grab the rays.”

The trail report from the Canmore Nordic Centre shows that some grooming occurred early this morning. Amazing, when you consider we’ll be reaching record high temperatures today.


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  1. It’s great to hear that people are still getting out on xc skis.
    Hot weather early this week, and now rain, is not good news for us skiers.
    Seeing as how this is an xc site, I don’t know how many here are interested in the backcountry side of self-powered skiing, but this is last weekend’s adventure-

    • Keep them coming Steve! They bring vicarious pleasure for some!
      I can smell the pine needles and sun screen and taste the salty sweat on my lips!
      Is this the same drainage that you take with a right turn to Cirque Peak?
      Alf led us up there one beautiful spring weekend. First day we played on the tongue of the Saskatchewan glacier. All on 50mm Adidas bindings and Kastle Trail LWs. Wonderful memories.

      • You have a keen eye there Henry, photo 16 in particular shows the “backside” of Cirque and it’s north glacier. Observation “sub-peak” is no “Alf’s secret stash”- it’s been in “Summits and Icefields” since the 2’nd edition, and seems to see a fair amount of traffic. We 3 had it to ourselves on Saturday, though.

    • AWESOME!
      We are very interested… so much so that we can’t wait for it to stop snowing up in Lake Louise.
      May 1 could be another great day!

    • Wonderful photos, Steve. I enjoy the captions with each photo as its nice to know where you are and the circumstances. Keep ’em coming. -Bob

  2. We had a lovely day out at Burstall Lakes Saturday 🙂
    No tree debris on the trail, but very bumpy due to hikers and snowshoers.

    Question: are you able to get new trail reports on the K-country website? I am having great difficulty, and lately getting nothing (they have redesigned the page).

    I’m still getting them here http://www.albertaparks.ca/kananaskis-country/advisories-public-safety/trail-reports.aspx -Bob

    • Thanks, Bob! It was rather messy for a while, but seems to be cleaned up now 🙂
      Your link to web cams is the best!

      Wondering how far we have to drive now to find skiable snow??

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