Excellent spring skiing today

Kelly and Mark are at the Pocaterra/Lynx junction

I  finally made it back out onto the PLPP ski trails today.

My blog stats show that we’re still getting 600 – 700 views per day, so a few of us are still interested in trail conditiuons.

We had excellent conditions this afternoon as Caroline and I skied all the trails which were trackset last night.

The air temperature at Elkwood Amphitheatre parking lot was +4 when we started on Wheeler at 1 pm. The snow was still cold, and we probably could have started out with wax, but knowing that it was getting warmer, we chose waxless skis. It turned out to be the right decision. Caroline has a pair of “zero” skis, and she reports they worked well today.

Wheeler was trackset last night and was in excellent condition

Wheeler was trackset up to the Boulton Creek parking lot. We could see lots of fresh snow on the trail leading out from there, and it was a bit icy in spots. I think it would have been dangerous coming down Whiskey Jack today.

We backtracked a bit then skied Amos and Lynx. We ran into Kelly and Mark who had just skied Pocaterra from Packers. They reported that it was in pretty good shape despite not having been trackset since the new snow.

It was an enjoyable day of skiing in PLPP

We then had to retrace our steps on Lynx. Believe it or not, I was able to climb the steep hill on Lynx on my waxless skis without so much as one herringbone. I was using Fischer RCS Crowns with the traditional fish scales.

Woolley and Meadow completed the loop and the snow was getting a little softer by now. At 3 pm, my vehicle thermometer indicated that it was+9. Driving back, at the casino corner, it was +15.

Pocaterra at Lynx junction

The snow speed was more consistent today than I would have expected. The sun hadn’t yet wreaked havoc on the trails. It was, all things considered, a very enjoyable day of spring skiing.


I’ve updated the menu and there is now a page for “April 2012 trip reports”(I see Frank has the first post already). Thanks, everyone, for the March trip reports. That page has the most comments ever on this blog, and has been viewed 6389 times.

I know there’s been a lack of updates on the blog lately, so I’m more grateful than ever for the trip reports.  The real estate market in Calgary is busier than usual this year, so I’ve been working.

New guide book for mountain biking

I’m pretty sure that a large number of readers of this ski blog are also mountain bikers. The best blog going for mountain biking in our area is bikepirate.com. Over the winter, BikePirate(Peter Oprsal) and I have met for coffee once a month to discuss blogging, and I’ve had a sneak preview of his excellent new guide book.

Tomorrow(Wednesday) is the unveiling of “Bow Valley Mountain Bike Trail Guide, a local’s perspective.” The event runs from 7 – 10 pm at the Iron Goat in Canmore, so pop by  to purchase your very own copy of the book, or to just say hi. Peter  will be on hand to sign the book and talk mountain biking. As long as work doesn’t interfere, I’ll be there.

Read more: BikePirate book launch

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  1. Thank you for the great plug Bob, hope to see you there tonight.

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