Goat creek will be a bit muddy

Muddy or bloody, you choose

I never get tired of doing this trail, whether it be biking or skiing. I biked the Goat creek/Spray river west trails to Banff Springs hotel today, a distance of 19K. There are several mud puddles on the trail, and a few of them are unavoidable, so be prepared to get a little dirty.

Be prepared to get a little muddy

Kristie rode through the biggest puddle, and you can see the result on her legs(but she made it through without getting stuck). I walked my bike around, and ended up with bloody legs because of all the bushwhacking.

The trails show lots of signs of being washed out from the recent heavy rains, but the trail crews have repaired them and there’s nothing dangerous. One of the most enjoyable rides in the Canadian Rockies!

One of the bigger puddles on Goat creek

Goat creek bridge


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