Biking Goat Creek

Goat Creek had a few unavoidable mud puddles when I biked it late Thursday, but if it doesn’t rain in the interim, I expect you’ll have pretty clear sailing on the weekend. You may still get a little muddy, but if you have to go through any water, keep your speed up and enjoy the splash!

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll be rocketing along one of the many downhills, and at the very bottom you’ll hit a puddle.

Unlike my last foray down this wonderful trail, I didn’t see a bear. At the trailhead, I saw a paraglider jump off Ha-Ling peak and enjoyed watching him soar through the air.

I met Johnston from California on the trail. He was checking his map, unsure if he was going the right way.

I also encountered Johnston from California near the mid-point who asked me to confirm that he was on the right trail. He was planning on doing a loop consisting of Spray River, Goat Creek, Reclaimer, and Rundle Riverside. I assured him that he was heading in the right direction.

The view from the Spary River bridge which is almost mid-point along the trail


Speaking of Rundle Riverside, that trail is root bound and quite difficult. True mountain bikers like Johnston enjoy it, whereas I don’t have any desire to abuse myself on there. Once was enough.

If  the weather forecast for Saturday is correct, it looks like we’ll have a beautiful day in the mountains. The thing I like best at this time of year is the lack of mosquitos. I’m almost ready to delete the bug spray from my backpack, but you might still need sunscreen, however, if you’re riding or hiking at mid-day.

Bikers on the Spray River west trail

The Goat Creek/Spray River trail from above Canmore to the Banff Springs hotel is one of my favourite trails for biking and skiing. It’s 19K as a one-way trip, and you’ll have more downhill if you go from Canmore to Banff.

With any luck, and some good snowfall, we’ll be skiing here in less than three months!


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  1. whoopppsss… hehe found what I was looking for 🙂

  2. Hey Bob,

    I was wondering if you have any information regarding if the Goat creek trail is currently skiiable or trackset. I am fairly new to the area but have heard a lot of good reviews but am unable to find trail conditions specific to this trail online although here ( it says it is trackset but I am not sure if this info is uptodate. I can’t seem to find it on either.

    Great site by the way!

    Thanks for any info!

  3. Hey Bob! Thanks for the write up. That was a long loop and i was dead tired when i got done. Great trail though, reclaimer was awesome and the begginning of Rundle trail from the Nordic center was super fun! Pleasure talking to you and hope to ride that trail in the winter. Have fun!

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