And yet more snow on MLR

Moraine Lake road has received another 10 cm of high-density snow since yesterday’s packing. I imagine the Great Divide also received a similar amount. Unfortunately, no packing was carried out today because the snow was still very wet. Let’s hope that it cools off enough to allow the trail crews to commence their grooming work.

All the fresh snow made for slow going today, but who’s complaining. Certainly not Marsha and Mark who are here from California. They stumbled across my blog yesterday and decided that skiing on Moraine Lake road looked like fun, so they were out enjoying the snow.

Everyone I chatted with today was on waxless skis. Cheryl and I were using the zero skis and I’ve learned that you need to spray silicone on the grip zone to prevent them from icing in these conditions. Cheryl had treated hers and had no problems, but mine were icing and I had to stop and scrape them a couple times. Waxable skis would have been totally frustrating today. You’d have major icing problems, resulting in large clumps of snow in your grip zone, resulting in slow or no movement.

We picked up three items of clothing at the trailhead and took them to the Lake Louise Visitor Centre. We know they didn’t belong to anyone on the trail because they were sitting there yesterday as well. Check the photos if you think they’re yours.

What’s unique about this photo of the Banff Hot Springs? Nobody’s here!

Shoulder season is definitely the time to go to the Banff Hot Springs if you want to avoid being elbow-to-elbow with the rest of the 200 people who are usually in there for a dip. I could count the number of bathers on the fingers of one hand today. Very relaxing and a pleasant change. It was unique for another reason, too. While I enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery on a clear day, today the pool was enveloped by a low cloud(otherwise known as fog), and it was beautiful in its own right.

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