Fabulous conditions on Frozen thunder

The snow guns have produced enough new snow to make the conditions on frozen thunder the envy of skiers all over the world. Today we were greeted with something new – double tracksetting.

It could almost pass for mid-winter on Frozen Thunder

I skated for a couple laps, but spent most of the time having fun in the excellent classic tracks. Universal klister was performing very well with fabulous grip and great glide. Caroline showed up with her classic skis and got by with red wax.

It doesn’t get much better than this (except for tomorrow!)

With the new snow that’s on the way, added to the man-made variety from the multitude of snow-guns, conditions should only get better.   Is it possible we’ll be skiing on blue wax tomorrow?

Matt Wylie and Phil Widmer were enjoying a good workout on Frozen Thunder today

It’s unusual to see a storm moving in from the east, but that’s what’s happening. The sun was still shining over Rundle Mountain this afternoon, but I could see heavy low clouds arriving over the Three sisters to the east(see above photo). Let’s hope it delivers according to what’s been forecast. The latest prediction is 20 cm for Calgary, 10 cm for Kananaskis, and 5 cm for Canmore/Banff.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I had the pleasure of skiing late last night and was fully aware that the ‘skiing direction is always two way’. That enjoyment was diminished by an ‘expert’ skier who berated me for going the wrong way on the trail. Staying to the right side of the trail (as the signage instructs you to), you can’t possibly go the wrong way. This ‘expert’ also rudely informed a couple of other skiers that they were at fault for the direction they were traveling.
    Signage is clearly posted at the front of the trail head, it is there for the enjoyment of everyone…please read it.

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