Farmer’s almanac predicts good snow year for Western Canada

I grew up on a farm, so weather was always a hot topic of conversation. I remember the huge impact that weather played on our daily activities, but more importantly, on our livelihood. As an eight-year-old, I recall my mom crying during a devastating summer hailstorm as she picked up the broken glass from a window which was smashed by the giant hailstones which decimated our crops and garden.

We cross-country skiers are dependent on weather to a certain extent, but I am thankful that no matter how poor the snow conditions may be, we will have snow, and we will be skiing. Somewhere. It may not be perfect, and we may not be able to ski every trail throughout the entire winter, but we have it pretty good. When I start complaining that I can’t ski on Goat Creek because of poor snow conditions, I only have to go back to my childhood and remind myself of what true weather-related hardship is.

I also recall my parents and neighbours talking about the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Personally, I never put much faith in it, but they claim an 80% accuracy rate. What are they saying about the upcoming winter?

2012–2013 Canada Weather Highlights

  • The 2013 Almanac says that most parts of Canada should be prepared to chill out: Temperatures will be colder than last winter everywhere except for the northern Maritimes and western British Columbia.
  • Snowfall will be below normal in central Canada but above normal in most of the East and West.

You can read more long-range-winter-weather-forecast-2012-2013-season

I hope the bears in the below video are prepared for winter:

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