Moraine Lake road, Frozen Thunder races

It’s for real. Ralph Natola was skiing on MLR this morning and sent this comment:

Had a great skate ski on Moraine Lake Road Friday A.M.
Road has been roller packed but not track-set. A few thin spots but otherwise great.
Ralph and Norm Natola.

That’s great news, thanks Ralph and Norm! I hope to have some photos later this evening.

Frozen Thunder

Chandra Crawford of Canmore won the women’s final

One of the skiers in today’s race had this to say about the snow: “It’s mid-February on snow out here. This is the best Frozen Thunder conditions we’ve ever had”

If you don’t want to drive all the way to Lake Louise, Frozen Thunder is incredibly good right now. They’ve added more snow, so there’s a complete 2k loop without any backtracking.

Lining up for the start. You can see the snow guns going full blast in the background.

The racers this morning were using Swix purple(VR45) for grip. The snow looked terrific. It was triple trackset for the classic sprints.

Chandra Crawford from Canmore won the women’s  in a photo finish over teamate Perianne Jones and Andy Newell of the U.S. won the men’s by three seconds over Canadian Devon Kershaw. Newell used skate skis and double-poled the entire course. You can see all the results on Zone4. You can read more about the races and see photos in SkiTrax.

We’ll be in Lake Louise late this afternoon to check out Moraine Lake road and get some photos.

You can see the new snow which has been added just above the race course. You can do an entire 2k loop on Frozen Thunder without any backtracking.

Swix VR45 hard wax was working well on the cold snow

Andy Newell(#1) of the U.S. won the men’s final

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