New and improved

– Skiers were enjoying the good classic track on Frozen Thunder this morning –

With the cold temperatures overnight, the Canmore Nordic Centre now has the snow guns going, so along with yesterday’s natural snow, and some new man-made snow,
Frozen Thunder was in pretty nice shape this morning.

Happy skiers on Frozen Thunder. It’s nice to have skiable snow this early in the season

The skating lane looked to be in excellent condition, and the classic track was well-defined and present for 90% of the entire trail. I was using universal klister with good results, but I think it would still be a struggle on hard wax. Zero skis, with which I had a good ski yesterday, would not work well on the icy track. In fact, I spoke with one skier who was using the zero skis today and she said the grip was poor. She had more success by staying in the skating lane where the snow was more powdery and softer.

Frozen Thunder was a busy place by 9 a.m.

As you can see by the photos, the place was humming with activity by 9 a.m. The air temperature was -5°C and is not expected to go above zero today. The coming week continues with cool temps, so Frozen Thunder should only improve with the new snow which they’ll now be able to produce.

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Making snow


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