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Last winter, one of my most-commented posts was about an incident on the trail at Moraine Lake Road, when another skier tried to force my friend to get out of the tracks.

Skiing on Frozen Thunder is two-way, and it shouldn’t be a problem, especially now that it’s double trackset. Unfortunately, just as we saw last year on Moraine Lake road, there’s always someone(a rarity, thank goodness) who gets his enjoyment from spoiling it for other people.

This blog received a comment from Chris Smith, relating an incident on Frozen thunder last night:

“Thanks for the update. I had the pleasure of skiing late last night and was fully aware that the ‘skiing direction is always two way’. That enjoyment was diminished by an ‘expert’ skier who berated me for going the wrong way on the trail. Staying to the right side of the trail (as the signage instructs you to), you can’t possibly go the wrong way. This ‘expert’ also rudely informed a couple of other skiers that they were at fault for the direction they were traveling.
Signage is clearly posted at the front of the trail head, it is there for the enjoyment of everyone…please read it.”

Thanks for the comment, Chris. I hope all those “experts” read it. This one sounds like an expert at being a  control freak. I wish I had been there.

Other stuff

  • Race on Frozen Thunder: This year, Frozen Thunder will host its first major competition when more than 100 elite Nordic athletes from Canada and the United States compete in the WinSport Frozen Thunder Classic. This classic sprint race will feature national team members from Canada and the United States as well as most of the top development level athletes from across the continent. Athletes representing Canada include Devon Kershaw, who finished second overall on the World Cup circuit last season, and 2006 Olympic Gold medallist Chandra Crawford. Read more Race sesaon to kick off on Frozen Thunder
  • According to my driveway, we only received about 3 cm of snow in Canmore in the past 24 hours. While I was laying in bed this morning listening to traffic reports, it sounded like Calgary got a nice dump. Anyone know what transpired at West Bragg or Ribbon Creek?

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  1. The onus should be on the so-called expert to get around or get out of the way, that way he can really show off his “expertise.” Next time, suggest that he ski between 9 – 12, but he probably doesn’t want to ski with the fast skiers cuz he won’t be able to boss them around, better yet, tell him to read the rules.

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