A record-setting day

Update: Here’s a video from yesterday’s ski trip MLR video

Fabulous early-season skiing on Moraine Lake road

What a terrific day yesterday! Ten trip reports which covered most of the bases, thanks everyone. It’s nice to see people skiing in Calgary again. Lake Louise is a long drive, and the roads haven’t been in the best of shape.

We set a record for unique visits on this blog for the second day in a row with 3727 yesterday. Thanks for logging in.

Caroline and I waited ’til the early afternoon to go to Lake Louise, hoping the temperature would improve. It was -12 when we hit the trail at 2 pm, but the sun was out, there was no wind, so it was quite comfortable. After 15 minutes on the trail, I was down to my base layer and a thin shell. Highly preferable to last weekend when it was around 0°C with icy snow.

Nearing the end of Moraine Lake road with the sun in our eyes

It  could have been mid-January with the excellent snow and trail conditions we had, and it was one of those easy waxing days. I still had the VR40(-4/-12) from Friday’s ski on the Great Divide and all was working perfectly.

Vehicles were lined up and down the road at both MLR and the Great Divide trailheads. As we speculated on Friday, the entire Tramline was trackset, and bonus, the Bow River and Campground loops are also trackset(you can ski with your dog there).

Ran into Lyle Wilson on the trail. They’re still waiting for snow at Nipika Mountain Resort.

Canmore Nordic Centre

More trails are open at the CNC. I just saw this on Facebook:

World Cup Sprint course now open! 1.5 km of lower Olympic and Centennial has been groomed and track set. Frozen Thunder was also groomed and track set this morning.


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  1. Maximum speed 46km/h? Holy cow. I’d be terrified. Are you sure those are not the stats from your road bike computer?

  2. I skied at Confederation Park golf course in Calgary today. It is not track set but pretty incredible for November 11th. I’d say it will only be in this condition for one more day without more snow. Enjoy it while you can…
    Thanks Bob for your wonderful website…

  3. Almost 15 K per hour is really good Bob ! The next level with that speed is doing the the loppet races.

    Going up was only half that speed. I have an advantage going downhill – all that weight gives me lots of momentum!

    Actually, the fastest race I ever did was the 2005 Birkie where I averaged 15.4 KMH over the 31k course. Those days are long gone, however. -Bob

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