A day off

After eight straight days of skiing, I took a day off work. It’s a brutal job, considering I was toiling in some mighty cold weather. 🙂

I still went for a jaunt on foot in the back with Tessa, where I met snowshoers from Calgary on the Highline trail. The Highline can be easily traversed right now without snowshoes as it has been well-packed… by snowshoers. I also needed a day to catch up on some hot-waxing, especially now that temperatures are warming up.

The most viewed photo in the Emerald Lake Lodge contest. by Kris Peet

With only one day remaining in the Emerald Lake Lodge contest, I checked to see which photos have been the most popular. Of course, the popularity will not determine the winner, but it’s interesting to see which ones were looked at the most.

I’ll admit that I was surprised at the large number of wonderful photo entries; it gives me ideas for further contests.

Overall, Kris Peet’s delightful photo of the fox has been viewed the most. Other popular photos were these:

John JenkinsRoss MurphyDianneKim Titchener,  Steve RiggsMargah DomvilleAndra,  Gordon Newell

One of my favourites was this one, and it was also in the top 10:

Photo by Tele-Skier(Mike)

Some really great photos have been sent in recently, but they haven’t had the same length of time to be viewed, so they didn’t make the top 10 list. We also had a lot of wonderful comments, and I especially liked this one from Andra:

A recent entry to the Emerald lake Lodge contest by Mike Freeman

“My 2012 New Year’s Resolution was to work on a loving, lasting relationship. I didn’t want to rush into this because I was afraid of being hurt, so I took my time and played the courting game. I wanted to give myself a fair chance so I opened up my schedule, my pocket book and my heart. I purchased new items that would assist in making this an enjoyable experience. I even signed up for lessons to learn tried and true techniques from those that have been in this type of relationship for years. I am happy to report that the new love in my life is X-C Skiing. The new skis, boots and poles that I purchased plus the two days of lessons on the trails formed the basis where a loving relationship is now flourishing. I am still afraid of being hurt but thankful to have learned the proper way to fall and how to get right back up on my skis again. I can’t think of being at a lovelier place than Emerald Lake Lodge where I could give this relationship the opportunity to grow even deeper.”

A reminder to all entrants, photo submissions were worth two entries, but if you submitted both a photo and a comment entry, the photo takes precedence and you’ll receive only the two entries.

You have until 11:59 pm tomorrow(Dec 30, 2012) to enter.

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