Canmore Nordic Centre

A Russian skier on Banff trail

The natural snow on Banff trail, 3.9k from daylodge

I only allowed myself an hour of easy skiing today at the nordic centre, as I’ve been under the weather with the flu for the past couple days. Ray has made this easy for me with his very accurate trip report. I’ll add a few photos to complete the picture.

Ray Perrott’s trip report: “Skied at Canmore Nordic today. Temperature steady at -5C with blue wax (VR40) working very well.  Skied out on Bow Trail, back on Banff Trail, then out on Olympic/Meadowview, and back again on Banff Trail.  All trackset.  Bow trail has lots of grass/branches sticking up through the tracks.  Banff trail less so, and is excellent within 3Km of the Lodge.  Olympic was very good, and Meadowview mostly good except some thin spots toward the west end.  The next good dump of snow should make conditions perfect!”

I rarely fly anywhere, but I was on an airplane on Monday, which is where I’m certain I picked up this flu bug. I hope it doesn’t last too long, now that we have such wonderful conditions for skiing.

Chris Jespersen and Sjur Roethe of Norway will be competing in the world cup races in Canmore next week

Skiing at the nordic centre this evening were two Norwegian skiers, Chris Jespersen and Sjur Roethe who will be competing in the world cup races at Canmore next week. I came across an interview on the internet with Jespersen which was quite interesting. He’s on the national team, yet is working as a carpenter part-time to make ends meet. This is not what I expected of the Norwegians, the powerhouse of xc skiing. Read more Interview with Chris Jespersen 

Sjur Roethe already has a world cup gold medal to his credit from the season opener in Gallivare, Sweden.

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