“…to catch fluffy snowflakes on our tongue”

The moose at Chester Lake trail head awaiting their salty cars. Photo submitted by Tele Skier Mike.

I was overwhelmed with all the wonderful photos which you’ve submitted to the Emerald Lake Lodge contest. I discovered that if I number them, I can sort them so that the newest ones will be displayed first. I am also thrilled with all the comments which have been submitted as well, like this one:

“Skiing energetically across the lake, pulling our sleigh through trails banked high with snow, savouring an exquisite dinner, lounging in the hot tub with our heads back to catch fluffy snowflakes on our tongue and staring dreamily into the cozy fire are memories of Emerald Lake forever etched in our minds.” – Jenny Cuthbertson

I’ve uploaded all the photos which I’ve received as of noon on Dec 1. If you sent one and it isn’t displayed, send me a nasty email 🙂

If you haven’t entered the Win Fischer Sportglass skis contest, you have 13 more days to get a comment in. As of this moment, your chances of winning are 1 in 58. The winner will be fitted with proper size at Lifesport.

Both contests can be accessed from the main menu under WIN! 

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