Tunneling our way out

Snow from last night on my front railing

Update 11:15 a.m. Just received word that Pocaterra received 12cm. Barrier Lake 4 cm. 

The Banff trail report states: Banff received 15 cm of fresh snow Tuesday night and another 5 cm is expected today.  Trails are snow covered. 

The forecast was correct. Although it’s stopped snowing for now, my back deck has already received 13 cm of fresh snow overnight. I had to quickly shovel a tunnel for Tessa this morning.

This bodes well for the natural snow trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre which I expect would have received the same amount of snow, being at about the same elevation(1400m) as my house. The CNC grooming map shows the trails which the Pisten-Bully grooms each morning, but they will likely be packing the natural snow trails with snowmobiles today. Those won’t show on the grooming map.

The temperature this morning is -2°C, and the snow was easy to shovel. It is fairly high-density, but still powdery. The Environment Canada weather forecast indicates the temperature will drop slightly as the day goes on.

An accumulation of 13 cm, or 5.2 inches of snow

On Twitter, the Friends of Kananaskis report “5-10 cm wet snow and -1 in #canmore this morning. Roads in poor shape.” I’m surmising that lower elevations may not have received the same amount of snow that fell at 1400 metres. The highway is closer to 1300 metres.

The Banff tracksetter will be able to groom/trackset some trails in the park before the weekend. I don’t know if PLPP or Ribbon creek received this, but I sure hope so. Ditto for Yoho/Emerald Lake. Let us know what you find if you venture out today.

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