West Bragg Creek

by Bob Truman on January 13, 2013

in West Bragg Creek

Mountain road at West Bragg Creek(file photo)

Mountain road at West Bragg Creek(file photo)

It’s wonderful to hear all the good news about West Bragg creek. Thanks to RichieRich for this report:

Myself & good friends arrived ~4-5th car in West Bragg Crk approx 9am today at a chilly -16C and went out Moose Loop which seemed mostly skier-set tracks (but well-skied) so a little sloppy. Never done it before and really liked it despite the extra work staying up on the super-skinny new waxless skiis (not the right conditions for them). Didn’t like the creek crossing at the end (opted for this instead of the “luge run”).

After the above, and a ski change and some special-blue wax, hit up the Crystal/Sundog/Crystal loops. West end of Crystal area had the best tracks of all trails I did today.

“I swear that dog had the biggest grin on its face”

As I was going up one hill on Crystal, a young lady and her dog were coming downhill…. the dog was easily leading and racing down as fast as it could, legs snow and ears flying and flapping everywhere. I swear that dog had the biggest grin on its face – totally priceless!

Crystal Line east at West Bragg Creek(file photo)

Crystal Line east at West Bragg Creek(file photo)

When I was packing up at noon the parking lot was insane. I have *never* seen it so crazy busy – reminded me of Christmas shopping at Market mall. After I vacated my spot there was a “small spat” between those awaiting my spot with a near-miss almost-bumper-car incident. Given the size of the lot there was high parking turnover at least so folks gotta settle. That said people were parked 3/4 km up the roadway.

It’s fantastic we have this stunning resource accessible to so many out there… and all sorts were enjoying it today. I saw classic and skate skiers, walkers, ‘shoers, kids of all ages, and even a few “fat-bikes” off on their trails and everyone was having fun (except for parking). Yet it’s been such a struggle in terms of logging. I don’t get it. How can’t the government and logging feel this pressure and see the benefits?

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1 Etta January 21, 2013 at 8:30 am

Is there any snow left at West Bragg Creek?


2 Steve Riggs January 21, 2013 at 11:45 am

The very best way to get timely updates on West Bragg is to make a donation to GBCTA, as they send out regular e-mail condition reports to donors.
I haven’t been there for a week so my best guess would be hard and icy.


3 Steve Riggs January 14, 2013 at 9:57 pm

West Bragg- get it while you can, preferably Tuesday morning before the forecast chinook rolls into town.
Back again for more on Monday afternoon, after a fabulous ski there on Sunday. The only real change was in the waxing- warmer temps had rolled in making Rode violet my choice, which worked perfectly. Conditions on all the trails south of the parking lot remain “very good to excellent” with the exception of Loggers which is a bit rougher in spots, but still very enjoyable.
The experience was marred somewhat by the constant roar of logging machinery to the north- it’s getting closer. 🙁
We can only hope that with West Bragg’s growing popularity- Spray Lakes Sawmills, SRD and the politicians know that their feet will be held to the fire should this valuable recreational resource be ruined, and will behave accordingly.


4 Grizzly January 15, 2013 at 8:35 am

While I share your hope, I think that that train has left the station.


5 Liz January 13, 2013 at 8:44 pm

We enjoyed the Bragg trails today as well, and got around the parking issue by parking at Allen Bill. Does mean a couple of km of skiing without tracks to get to the main trails, but much less stressful on the parking front – when we finished at 1pm there were maybe 20 cars in the parking area. Thanks to everyone who is involved in tracksetting and trail maintenance at Bragg!


6 Peter N January 13, 2013 at 7:25 pm

Basically ditto to what Richie said. When our group arrived at 11:15, cars were already parked about 200 m along the road. No big deal; if we’re going to ski 20 km, we can walk 300 m to the trailhead. But the overflowing parking should be a message to the government.

After avoiding Bragg Creek for many years due to reported poor conditions, I was pleasantly surprised by the good trail on Crystal Line. Certainly not the immaculate grooming that spoils you at the Nordic Centre or often PLPP, but very usable, and no risk to good skis. It must have warmed up quickly, as we saw about -10 starting, and -8 at the southern end of the trail. The snow was colder, as green wax worked for a couple of us. Others used blue.

Enjoy Bragg Creek as long as you can… until the next chinook.


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