It’s snowing!!!

Update 7 p.m.

At least 15 cm has fallen in my back yard. It’s stopped snowing for now, but the forecast is calling for more overnight. Good-bye pine needles!

Canmore 9:00 a.m.

Canmore back yardEnjoyed shoveling my deck for the first time in 6 weeks. It’s also nice to look out in the back and see the spruce trees laden with snow. We’ve had about 4 – 5 cm so far and it’s still coming down. It’s cold enough at -3°C that waxing shouldn’t be a problem, as the snow isn’t too wet, but if it warms up to the predicted +1, all bets are off.  Once the tracksetters are able to do their job, we should have some wonderful skiing for the near future, as temperatures are remaining below zero. They’re grooming the trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre as I write this.


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  1. Hey Bob, all bets where off, if anyone had a good wax setup for either Ribbon Creeek or PLPP please spread the word, I skied both today and experienced poor glide with lots of icing and|I wasn’t alone!

    How much fresh snow was on the trail there? -Bob

    • Ribbon Creek had up to 20cm of new . Ribbon, Link, Kovach,Terrace Loop reset tonight with great conditions. All the Kananaskis Village trails reset with the exception of the S turns below Aspen due to the construction there. Lower Skogan, Skogan Screamer, Ruthies and Troll Falls set tonight as well. Skogan above Marmot Junction not groomed with over 20cm of nice cold fluffy snow should be a great family day ski.

      • thanks, jeff – you’re a hero! hopefully the tracks will be respected today. yesterday was skier-, snowshoer- and hiker-set – a mess but the snow was just going and thankfully we had waxless skis!

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