Go early

The sun-exposed hill in the above photo still had cold snow. Conditions should still be quite good in PLPP tomorrow, at least early in the day. The snow was still cold today as I skied on a variety of trails with only the rare soft or icy patch. There’s warm weather in the forecast for the next three days.

There was 1 cm of fresh snow at Boulton creek and 2 cm at the top of Whiskey Jack, but well skied-in. Snow temp at Boulton was -5°C. I got by okay with VR45(-2/-8).

Encountered cat tracks on Pocaterra between Whiskey Jack and Packers. Followed them down Packers and onto Moraine where they eventually disappeared into the forest.

The truck and trailer which hauls the Pisten-Bully was parked at Elkwood, so I assume Wheeler, Amos, Meadow, Woolley and Lynx will be trackset tonight.

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