Skiing in a picture postcard

Since ski season is nearing its conclusion and I still have lots of readers, it’s a good opportunity to acknowledge a recent comment and all the commenters who have contributed to this blog.

In school, I always received 100% in spelling, and I never had to study for English exams, but my “analytical” nature didn’t endow me with much in the way of creative writing ability. I couldn’t say the same for my friend Chip who gave us this gem on his recent trip report:

“…A very slow day without the soul-mending rhythm of typical skiing”

It paints a clear picture of my mindset when striding and gliding along the ski trail in perfect snow conditions, and helps me re-live the blissfulness and deep pleasure of those ski trips.

Other commenters on this blog have given colourful, expressive and eloquent descriptions of their ski adventures, and it’s one of the things I love to read on here, so thanks to everyone for your comments and trip reports.

If you haven’t watched this video, it reminds me of just such a wonderful day(that’s Chip in the video): Skiing in a picture postcard


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  1. Sheila and Ross, that is such a sweet story, had me grinning from ear to ear 🙂

    I was on Fox Creek trail on Wednesday. It was getting a bit slushy, but still very pretty. Something seems different though — the bridge over the creek (I think there is only one?) seems quite a bit higher, and the bench has apparently disappeared. Does that sound right? I’m sad about the bench, as my son and I used to share a hot chocolate there in bygone days, a memory I treasure :-/

    My first time on Fox creek this winter I couldn’t help but notice the bridge had been replaced. Maybe the bench will be returned to its rightful place this summer. -Bob

  2. Sheila & Ross Murphy

    Just returned from an amazing two day vacation at Emerald Lake Lodge complements of Bob the dog and, of course, the individual who so kindly drew our name in the “Best X-country Ski Photo Contest!! We spent two glorious days x-country skiing around the Emerald Lake area and then to really test our lung capacity…the 22km return trip to Lake O’Hara. Sadly, Bob the dog had to have a sleepover with friends as we decided to enjoy the trip without him. We are still paying the price as he sits facing the wall refusing to even look at us. Enough about Bob! We were a bit concerned when we arrived at the lodge and the rain was falling softly however, after a couple of glasses of wine and to the horrified bewilderment of Emerald Lake guests, we performed our snowdance and were were paid off handsomely when rain turned to snow and it began to look like a winter wonderland! While x-country skiing took up a portion of our time, eating the wonderful meals at Emerald Lake took up the rest! Delicious food, friendly staff, and the off chance meeting of an old aquaintance who just happened to be getting married that very day added to the list of memories. Course I had to push the envelope and suggest to my beloved that we, too, should renew our wedding vows as he may have forgotten a word or two after 34 years…obey came to mind. With a giggle he replied “not without a pre-nup”. He did look silly with that bag of ice on his nose the rest of the weekend! Oh well, a great time was had by all and thanks again for helping to contribute to my bucket list by giving us the opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful time at ELL. If his nose has healed by then we plan to go again for our 35 anniversary in September. Wonder if that old wedding dress of mine still fits??

  3. Nice video and cool relaxing music. Well done.
    What great looking snow!
    Do you end at the Moraine trail junction?

    That’s exactly where the video ended. -Bob

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