Spring skiing

To repeat something I’ve already heard today on the trip reports, “Fabulous! Awesome!”  Goat creek received more snow and was trackset again on Thursday, making for the best ever conditions on this fun trail. Blue skies and no wind.  Air temp was -3°C at the Goat creek trailhead, and the snow was -5.

Awesome conditions on Goat creek

Awesome conditions on Goat creek

I skied the entire 19K to Banff, taking Spray river west for the final 10K. Conditions on the first 9K were terrific with cold snow and excellent tracks.

The extra 5 cm of snow this week really helped conditions on Spray river, but the warm day was starting to take a toll on a few sun-exposed hills. In the shade, however, the snow was still cold. Typical spring skiing conditions, where the snow conditions can change quite drastically in the space of 10 metres.

I started out around noon, so I don’t know if the warm day affected the Goat creek portion of the trail later in the day.

Even with the excellent conditions, it was still prudent to walk down to the Goat creek bridge

Even with the excellent conditions, it was still prudent to walk down to the Goat creek bridge

Waxing for these conditions is difficult because nothing will perform well on wet snow(except waxless skis). I waxed for the colder conditions with VR45(-2/-8), since 95% of the snow was cold, and reconciled myself to getting up the hills which were wet by herring-boning or skating and I wouldn’t be adverse to walking if required.

It was a beautiful day for visiting and taking photos. I enjoyed chatting with everyone I met along the trail today. Ran into Sonja and her friends at the Spray river loop picnic table. Sonja was celebrating her 71st birthday today. Thanks for sharing your cake and chocolate!

The Calgary Herald did a feature(including video) on xc skiing at Lake Louise  Abundance of snow and groomed trails make Lake Louise a perfect cross country getaway

Remember to set your clock ahead one hour tonight.

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