A reminder to get your KHSC membership

  – Emerald Lake is a spectacular place to ski – 

Click this link to buy your membership: KHSC membership.

Kicking Horse river in Yoho National Park

Kicking Horse river trail in Yoho National Park

I won’t be the first member on the list this year, but today I’m sending in my $40 cheque for a membership in the Kicking Horse Ski Club. We are lucky to have such an enthusiastic group of people who are willing to do the tracksetting in Yoho and Emerald Lake, especially when you consider there are fewer than 200 residents in Field.

If you enjoy skiing on those amazing trails, please give them your support with a $40 membership. There are some amazing perks that come along with being a ski club member such as the $99 rate at Emerald Lake Lodge. If you don’t have $40 today, I’ve set up a special page with a link/icon on the sidebar where you can access it: Support grooming in Yoho and Emerald Lake

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