Finally some news on PLPP

Elk Pass at Patterson junction

Elk Pass at Patterson junction(file photo)

The PLPP trail report was updated today and it’s nice to see some trails are starting to be groomed. Most were roller-packed with a snowmobile, but if I’m reading the trail report correctly,  it sounds like Elk pass to north Hydroline, all of Hydroline, Patterson and a small portion of Lookout were groomed with the Pisten-Bully.

Skiers on Elk Pass

Skiers on Elk Pass(file photo). So far this winter, it’s only groomed, not trackset.

Has anyone checked out the “new” Pocaterra? It has been roller-packed, but the section north of Lynx has many reported natural hazards, such as exposed dirt and sticks. No doubt the construction has contributed to the debris.

It’s unusual to be skiing in great conditions on the Ribbon creek trackset trails but still waiting for PLPP to come on line. I was glad to hear about David Bynoe’s trip to Skogan pass as I’m hoping to go there tomorrow. I was concerned whether the warm weather hit that area at all, so David(or anyone else), let me know how the temperatures were and if the snow stayed cold.

Peter Lougheed, premier of Alberta 1971 - 85

Peter Lougheed, premier of Alberta 1971 – 85

For anyone who doesn’t know, PLPP stands for Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. This is the only time I’ll say it.

We’re ready to pick a winner for the Fischer skis contest. I will ask someone I meet on the trail tomorrow to pick the lucky entry.

If you were skiing today, let us know what the trails were like on the Trip Reports page. Thanks to everyone who’s left a trip report this month. I read every one of them. So far this month, the trip reports page has been viewed 7,256 times.


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  1. Is there anywhere in PLPP or BRagg Creek or elsewhere than the Nordice Centre where ski skating is allowed.

  2. Hey Bob,

    It was 3 degrees at the parking lot according to my car when I pulled out at about 3pm. The snow was still cold, and the sun had gone over the yardarm of Mt Kidd so I don’t expect the snow got that much warmer, at least in the lower valley.

    Not sure of the exact snow temp, but I was using v40 blue all day and it worked a treat, there were actually a few shady spots up top of the skogan loop where I felt the skis do that exciting I am using too warm a wax grab.

    That’s what I was hoping to hear, thanks! -Bob

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