Ribbon creek bridge underway

More flood-related construction. It looks like we’ll be able to cross to the other side soon.

Right now, if you park at Ribbon creek parking lot, you’re unable to access the trails on the south side of the creek(the trails which are commonly referred to as the Kananaskis village trails).

Trip Reports Page has changed

Instead of scrolling down through 140 trip reports to reach the comment box, you’ll notice on the Trip Reports that it’s now displaying only the most recent comments. You still have the option of clicking on “Previous comments” and seeing them all. I never dreamed we’d be receiving so many Trip Reports from readers, but that’s a good problem to have. When I start receiving Trip Reports by email, it makes me think that readers are not finding the comment box when it’s so far down the page.


Moose on Lake O'Hara fire road. Photo by Chuck O'Callaghan

Moose on Lake O’Hara fire road. Photo by Chuck O’Callaghan

Lake O’Hara

On the Trip Reports, some more neat photos from Chuck’s latest excursion, this time to Lake O’Hara fire road. Starting in late January this trail will be groomed and hopefully trackset as it was last winter. The beginning of the grooming coincides with the opening of Lake O’Hara Lodge. The innkeeper, Bruce Millar does the trail grooming. The winter trail to Lake O’Hara is actually the road which takes visitors in by bus in the summertime.

Planning on skiing at Canmore Nordic Centre this weekend?

You might want to reconsider your plans, especially on Sunday. There are two major events occurring this weekend, and there will be a number of closures. Read more on the Canmore Nordic Centre page. 

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