Cold weather round-up

Calgary is AwesomeEnvironment Canada indicates that it’s -36°C in Canmore and Banff this morning. My thermometer reads -32. Saturday’s forecast is almost sounding warm at -16. This might be a good day to do some hot-waxing and cook up a batch of stew.

Calgary is Awesome published a nice piece about my blog today. Meet Skier Bob. It was fitting to see a restaurant ad right beside me. They made me reveal what my favourite ski trails were. Generally, my favourite ski trail is the one I skied on “today,” wherever it may be.

PLPP is looking for someone to work at the Visitor Centre. It’s a great way to spend some time in paradise – and to get paid for it! Help wanted at PLPP Visitor Centre

The skating pond in downtown Canmore

The skating pond in downtown Canmore

  • The recent snowfall dropped about 10 cm in Canmore, but only 2 cm in PLPP. It will not be enough to make much improvement to Pocaterra.
  • Cascade Valley and Upper Bankhead were trackset on Tuesday and should be in fine condition(and probably won’t be very busy today!).
  • The Banff trail report lists 16 xc trails in Lake Louise and 14  are trackset, with the remaining two being packed.

If you’re hunkered down and looking for something to do, submit a photo entry to the Emerald Lake Lodge contest. There’s also Lifesport’s Facebook contest. Give them a Like and you will be eligible to win a Fischer ski bag.

Starting Monday, it’s the Para-ordic World Cup in Canmore. I already saw two Russian athletes in wheelchairs in Safeway yesterday. 

My previous post on the Smith-Dorrien trails includes a photo of a family of Lynx. That was a rare and memorable animal sighting that I treasure. What animal sightings stand out in your memory?

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