Nice weekend ahead

Skogan pass trails were trackset today (file photo from Nov 24, 2013)

Skogan pass trails were trackset today (file photo from Nov 24, 2013)

Maybe too nice? Now that West Bragg and the two Calgary golf courses are trackset and in nice shape, the weather turns warm. I hope conditions stay good for at least tomorrow. Sunday might be a waxless ski day. We received two encouraging reports(thanks, Steve and Alan) from West Bragg that say the snow stayed cold despite some plus-zero temperatures.

Good news re: Ribbon creek, Kananaskis village, and Skogan pass trails from the man himself, Tracksetter Jeff: “It got up to plus 2 or 3 but it was below zero on Skogan. All the trails are excellent with the exception of the new piece of Terrace down to Ribbon parking lot, still thin with some dirt showing. Lower Skogan is track set with a few thin spots.”

If you were watching the Live Grooming report, you’ll know the Skogan pass trails were groomed/trackset today.

Mt Shark trailhead

Mt Shark trailhead

Almost everything at Mt Shark was groomed/trackset yesterday. So far, Watridge Lake road is only snowmobile rolled. I am wondering if the Pisten-Bully conked out before they had a chance to finish? They’ve been having some mechanical problems with the snowcat.

Stephen’s detailed report on PLPP makes me believe conditions are staying nice down there. South trails(Elk pass, Blueberry, Hydroline) should be in reasonably good shape even without any new grooming. The only new tracksetting indicated on the trail report was Fox creek(which is done by snowmobile).

Check the trip reports to read about Chuck's latest discovery. Photo by Chuck O'Callaghan

Check the trip reports to read about Chuck’s latest discovery. Photo by Chuck O’Callaghan

Temperatures will be cooler as you head west. With a low of -9 and a high of -2, the Banff trails should survive just fine.

Guaranteed blue or maybe even green wax days for Lake Louise trails with a high of -10 tomorrow.

Yoho is looking at a perfect skiing temp of -6. Hans reports on the KHSC website that he trackset the lake, horse trail, and alluvial fan yesterday at Emerald Lake. While you’re out enjoying the trails this weekend, snap a photo and enter it in our Emerald Lake Lodge contest. The photo can be from anywhere.

The Para-Nordic World Cup continues at the Canmore Nordic Centre. For Saturday’s action, check the Schedule. Recreational trails remain open to the public with some minor inconvenience. Check for trail closures on the Canmore Nordic Centre page.

Nipika opened today, and it appears the temperature is staying just below zero.

I haven’t skied for two days, so I am grateful to all our trip reporters for their fearless exploration and detailed descriptions. I’m anxious to hear about this weekend’s adventures!

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