Watching the Kananaskis village trails being groomed

Fri 3 pm: Jeff is almost finished grooming and tracksetting the Kananaskis village and Ribbon creek trails. It was fun watching his progress on the Live Grooming ReportHe’s just finishing now on Terrace. I hope there was enough new snow there to work with in order to get everything in top shape.

Another neat feature, if you click on the trail name at the left, it will light up on the map. You’ll have to do that on the actual website of the Live Grooming Report, not on the image above.

For anyone who braves the cold weather, you’ll also find new tracksetting on a number of trails in PLPP including Elk pass, Blueberry hill, Hydroline and Patterson. Check the PLPP trail report for the complete list.

Depending on which weather forecast you put your faith in, it could be as “warm” as -16°C in Kananaskis tomorrow.

More grooming and tracksetting has occurred in Yoho and Emerald Lake but it is going to be brass monkey cold out there on Saturday. Sunday looks tolerable. At least the sun will be shining. Tracksetter John reports, “might get some track on the Emerald connector today if Dave doesn’t  hog the sled all day…. he’s going to touch up the alluvial fan at the back of Emerald lake.”

Which reminds me, if you enjoy skiing at Emerald Lake and Yoho, consider buying a $40 membership in the Kicking Horse Ski Club to assist them with the costs of grooming the trails. If you’re a ski club member, you’ll get a $99 rate if you stay at Emerald Lake Lodge. Sure hope I can get out there this winter to ski the Yoho Valley road(aka Takkakaw Falls road) when it’s been freshly trackset.


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  1. I think I understand that the green through brown colour coding indicates roughly how many days since the trail was groomed.

    But it seems as though my web browser thinks that there is a link when the cursor is hovered over the wording ‘1 day’, ‘2 days’ etc. Is this a link to some further information? Nothing seems to appear when it is selected.

  2. Dan from SkiTrails here. Thanks for the plug Bob.

    Alberta Parks should have many of their other areas up and running in the system over the next few weeks. Jeff has kindly been acting as a guinea pig for a couple of seasons. The maps are loaded, we’re just waiting for the groomers to get all their tracking equipment sorted out.

  3. If you enlarge the map on the Kananaskis website, it looks like Jeff stopped grooming right at Woody’s pub!

    • HI Bob,
      There was about 3-4″ of snow on the Village trails today, just enough to make them all pretty good again. I made a trail to the top of the stairs at the south east end of Woody’s parking lot. Now at least if you finish on Terrace South you can ski almost to your car again.
      Terrace down to Ribbon parking lot is still pretty thin, there is an almost completed bridge over Ribbon Creek that can be walked across now.

  4. Very cool!

    Can you please provide the link for this?


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