Where did this year go?

I’ve added another 12 photos to the Emerald Lake Lodge contest. Any photos sent in today by 11:59 pm will be entered.

Helen's entry in the Emerald Lake Lodge contest

Helen’s entry in the Emerald Lake Lodge contest

It was nice to finally hear from Helen Read, one of our regular trip reporters from years past. We’re fully aware of all the damage done to the trails from June’s flooding, but the upheaval and turmoil of losing your entire home would be a terrible thing to endure. It appears from Helen’s recent comment that she will now be a Can-moron(just down the road from me).

Lost Poles

Did you lose a pair of poles? I don’t know if you saw the comment from Pauline, but here it is: FOUND: Pair of SWIX cross country ski poles – Dec 29th in parking lot. If you can tell me any one of three things – they are likely yours: 1. Model name – colouration 2. Approximate length 3. Parking Lot I found them  email me: pauline@triangleenterprises.com

Grooming Reports

Thanks for all the feedback regarding Grooming Reports. My next step will be to contact John, Jeff, and Jody to see how they prefer to handle it(after reading all the comments, of course).

Cougar or Lynx?

Here’s an email which I received on Christmas day. If you’re skiing on Cascade Valley, take note:

Cat tracks on Cascade Valley. Photo by Glenna

Cat tracks on Cascade Valley. Photo by Glenna

Merry Christmas Bob,

Hubby and I were enjoying a peaceful Christmas Eve ski on Cascade Fire Road, arriving around 11 ish. Just before you fly down the hill to the washed out bridge, we encountered these tracks on the freshly groomed trail. They went for about one km or so and they never walked in the track. I am thinking lynx or cougar…..the baskets on my old ski poles are a good 3” diameter.

We also saw the Christmas tree ornaments hanging from one of the trees by the trail. What a great way to welcome Christmas!

One of your many avid readers,
Glenna from Calgary

It’s warmer in the mountains than in Calgary today. -3 in Canmore right now. The weather forecast indicates that it will get cooler as the day goes on, going down to -7 this afternoon. I’ve had two days off, so it’s time to get back to work. I’m trying to decide where to go today. Chuck’s report has me anxious to ski Baker creek to Castle Lookout. My skis always enjoy the fresh grooming in PLPP. The Kananaskis village trails appear to be pretty good if you stay off the lower Terrace trail(as per David Bynoe’s report). Cascade valley and the Pipestone loops were trackset yesterday.

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