Here’s what you missed today

25K of blissful skiing. If you were stuck in a cubicle today perhaps it’s time to re-assess your priorities. 🙂

Tyrwhitt: idyllic and picturesque

Tyrwhitt: idyllic and picturesque (Click on photo for a larger image)

Our decision was easy upon seeing the Live Grooming Report from K-country this morning. Jody’s comment was icing on the cake. New tracks, cold snow.

We started in the sun at Boulton creek where the snow and air temperature were both -6°C. Moraine and Fox creek were  in beautiful shape with the new tracksetting.

The sun broke through as we skied through the meadows on Tyrwhitt

The sun broke through as we skied through the meadows on Tyrwhitt

Ditto Elk pass. At the top of Elk pass the weather was socked-in. The low clouds were caressing our faces as we approached the top. I made a prediction that we’d see the sun again about half-way down Tyrwhitt. Skeptical looks ensued. 

The most spectacular scene awaited us on Tyrwhitt where the low cloud produced a surreal atmosphere. As we skied on the perfect tracks, the frost-covered trees were a sight to behold.

Our happy group at the Whiskey jack/Pocaterra junction

Our happy group at the Whiskey jack/Pocaterra junction

The sun appeared as we skied through the meadows.

Upon reaching Pocaterra, the older tracksetting was still in excellent condition with 1 cm of new snow on top. Nobody opted for the downhill on Whiskey jack although conditions looked great on that trail too.

Lynx near Pocaterra junction

Lynx near Pocaterra junction

It was a quick run down to the Packers junction.  Chip and Mary headed left to Boulton creek parking lot and later reported no ice flow on Packers. The rest of us chose to take the long, enjoyable downhill to Lynx junction.

Lynx, Amos, and Wheeler were all in excellent condition with barely a pine needle to be seen.

I made this video as I chased Peter on Pocaterra:

From the Ribbon creek Live Grooming Report it appears that Jeff is grooming the Skogan pass trails as I write this at 6:30 pm. From the trip reports it sounds like excellent conditions prevail on Cascade Valley and Lake O’Hara fire road.

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