I’d rather be skiing

by Bob Truman on January 7, 2014

in Emerald Lake, Yoho

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Getting married at Emerald Lake would be fantastic, but it pales in comparison to skiing in superb conditions as they were today.

A trail has now been trackset on Emerald Lake

A trail has now been trackset on Emerald Lake

I’ve never had such a wonderful time skiing the Emerald Connector. It had just been groomed and trackset.

No debris on the trail, fast snow, and all the downhills with their twists and turns were easy to ski down(they can be a little scary if conditions are icy).

Superb conditions on the Emerald connector

Superb conditions on the Emerald connector

Adding to the thrills of today, the lake had its first track of the winter laid down. You can now ski to the horse trail without crossing the avalanche path. You also have your choice of skiing to the end of the lake on the rolling hills of the horse trail or all the way on the lake.

The tracks through the alluvial fan with all its delightful scenery were excellent. I was surprised at how fast the snow was considering it was still quite cold. The air temperature was -14°C and the snow was -11 with no wind and intermittent sunshine.

Mom and baby moose weren't having any trouble in the deep snow

Mom and baby moose weren’t having any trouble in the deep snow

The Kicking Horse Ski Club posts regular updates on trail conditions at Emerald Lake and Yoho. If you enjoy skiing at Emerald Lake, consider buying a $40 membership or making a donation. The KHSC is responsible for all the grooming and tracksetting in this magical place.

This place is marriage central. We’ve met two couples here who are on their honeymoons as well as the couple who got married today.

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