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Wax contestCross-country skiing can be a lot more enjoyable if you have the appropriate wax for the conditions on your skis. You’ve heard us talking about glide wax, also known as hot-waxing. Well, here’s your chance to have your own home-waxing set up.

Lifesport is providing the prize which will include everything you require to get started at hot-waxing. If you already have a solid work bench, you can choose a wax form rather than the Swix wax table. From my own experience, I find the wax form to be a lot more stable if mounted on a solid bench. When I’m scraping, the Swix wax table tends to jiggle around because it is quite light. You’ll see skiers using the Swix wax table at races and events because it is light and portable. It’s also more suitable if you don’t have much space.

So why do we even need glide wax in the first place?

As your skis run across the snow, a tiny amount of snow is melted by the friction of your skis and provides the lubrication for glide. But because there are different hardnesses of snow, you need difference hardnesses of wax. The colder the snow, the harder it is, the harder the wax you need.

The goal is to have a wax that is of more or less equal hardness to the snow. This way, one or the other is not poking into the other (creating drag), but are equally rubbing against each other, creating friction that is melting that tiny bit of water you need for good glide. Okay, that’s simplistic, but more or less the idea.

Did you know that “waxless” skis require hot-waxing regularly? Waxless refers to the grip zone only.

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