Winter’s back!

I received this email from Iggy in Okotoks:

I’m a daily reader—but rare post-er—on your fantastic site. I’m a schoolteacher and have had the pleasure over 20+ years of getting students into K-Country to learn to cross-country ski at least once a winter(until recently when budgets and administrators have more $ for iPads, and not eye-fulls of nature, but I digress…).

I enjoy the network you’ve established with the groomers and the relevant information that these folks share. Their work makes skiing possible and so much more enjoyable for all of us.

I thought it might be a neat idea to make a post about the other folks who make accessing our areas possible—-namely the snow plow operators. I called up a hockey teammate of mine—and a heckuva player—- here in Okotoks back in September, and was surprised to find out that he was leaving town and heading to PLPP to operate the plow on the Kananaskis Lakes Trail between Hwy.40 and the end of the road at Upper Lake . Marcel and his wife are nature lovers and enjoy Kananaskis immensely, so they figured why not immerse themselves in it. I bet he’s busy today!!

I caught up with him a few weeks ago, by chance, as I was parked in Pocaterra and heard him coming a mile away. After managing to flag him down and give him a big bear hug (as I hope to do when I meet you one dayJ!), I snapped a shot of Marcel and I for a souvenir and to show the guys in our hockey dressing room.

Blessings and thanks for your work done for all us Nordic skiers, Bob,

Iggy Hozjan, Okotoks , AB

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